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Saturday Night
Janet Gunthor and Barb
Janet Curtis, Barb Hunter and Gunthor
Joan Myers Marti Rowland and Jane Randolph
Laurie McArtor Candage and Ron Candage
Jackie and Steve Comisford

Roman and Dottie Steciw, Suellen and Andy Anderson
Rick and Nancy Ahlstrom and Jim Alexander
Mary Marilyn Laurie
Mary Webster (Gutridge), Marilyn Vasey (Gennet), Laurie McArtor (Candage)
Jeff Stover Rick Thomas John Wells
Jeff Stover, Rick Thomas and John Wells
Bob Warner Glen Deweese
Bob Warner Glen and Cheryl Dewese
Janet Curtis Tim Hughes Suellen
Janet Curtis Tim Hughes Suellen Alexander
Darleen and Chris Innis
Darleen and Chris Innis